Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Pattern Weights

Hello all! I'm a bit late today with the post, the 3 day weekend got the better of me! This week's tutorial comes to us from Celesa at Lilly Bunns Boutique. Enjoy!

There's nothing I hate more than pinning a pattern and cutting out the fabric when I'm doing a project.  I absolutely love my rotary cutter and mat.  It saves me so much precious time!  If you have yet to take the rotary leap, I highly recommend you jump in as soon as you can! I promise, you'll never look back! It's also great for those with bad hands!

You have to hold your pattern down in one spot when you're using a rotary cutter and mat; that's where pattern weights come in.  Just plop them down on top of your pattern when your cutting, and it wont move around on you!
What you'll need:

Half to 1.5  inch strips of fabric or ribbon

Hot glue gun and hot glue (high temp is best)

Washers- you need 2 per weight (I got the biggest ones at Home Depot I could find. They are zinc coated)

Start off with 2 washers.  Place a dab of hot glue on
one of them and place the end of your fabric strip on it.  Put hot glue around it in a circle and place the other washer on top, sandwiching the end of the fabric strip between the washers.

Now begin wrapping the material around the washer going through the hole.

And keep wrapping....

And wrapping until none of the washer is showing.
 Place a small dab of hot glue and lay the excess material on it.  Cut away the extra....

Originally posted HERE by Lilly Bunns Boutique.

I hope you enjoyed this week's tutorial, I know I will be trying these out this week!

Monika, My Lovebug Baby

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  1. Awesome Idea!!! I love my weights but they are so old and yucky looking..What a great way to dress them up!! Thanks for the tip..:)