Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

I can't believe we have less than a week to Halloween!   I am thrilled to locate this fun tutorial for cute Halloween cup cakes from My Cup Cake School Blog.  Check it out!  Don't they make you feel like taking a bite? :) ...mmm..so sweeet!

Halloween Cupcake Tutorial!

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to talk Halloween!! Everywhere I look lately I see the cutest Halloween themed party ideas—it’s gotten me in the mood for some festive cupcakes! It’s never too early to start planning is it? If you’re ready, let’s jump into October a little early! –

First, I melted some good old white candy coating (candy melts, chocolate bark, etc.) –  Using a tip 3, I piped various decorations onto a parchment lined cookie sheet—and I sprinkled with disco dust!  (You can place these in the refrigerator for just a few minutes to firm them up quickly!)

I wanted my “BOO!” to be an even deeper purple (the disco dust just didn’t stick enough the first time around) –So I brushed lightly with piping gel and then dusted on a thicker coat of sparkles!

I continued my preparations by melting some black candy coating (I used black candy melts) and piped on more fun shapes.  Bats, spiders, and then I used what was left of the polka dotted chocolate transfer sheet that I used in my last blog post :0) –  
This time, after the chocolate had almost set on the transfer sheet, I pressed a circle cookie cutter into the chocolate.  Then I chilled my tray of fun in the refrigerator for just a few minutes and released my newly dotted circles (…and spiders and bats).

Chocolate decorations never disappoint :0) –I love the added drama…

Let’s do a few close-ups!…….
Bones, bones, bones!!!!

A glamourous BOO!

Bats love cupcakes too…
Now for some other fun designs—
I always love decorating with DOTS–they are smooshable, rollable, and as I found out today, they are fabulous for eyeball making :0) — These “ghost Dots” are in a fun spooky pale green…but use whatever color you like (even icing would be fine) –

I sliced a little bit off of a DOT, and the smooshed the rest using the end of my rolling pin into a flattish circle.  I used a food coloring pen in blue to create some details…and I made the pupil with a dot of black buttercream. 
The white icing was piped on using a tip 12  and I smoothed it a little with  a Viva paper towel (optional).  I brushed on the tiniest bit of light corn syrup just here and there on the eye, to up the gross factor just a little bit.  I piped the veins in red buttercream using a tip 3.
Here are a couple of loveable designs.  The ghost is white buttercream piped with a Wilton tip 12, and accented with black buttercream using a tip 3.  The spider’s body is piped on using a tip 12 also, with legs piped using a tip 3.  (A junior mint would work well for the body too!)  :0)
I can’t have a party without a friendly monster.  I think that this is Shrek’s cousin.  His teeth are my favorite!  :0)
His gums are made using a fruit Tootsie Roll (cherry flavored)–and then the teeth are sliced candy melts (but any kind of white chocolate would work well–or even marshmallows!) — The eyes are some white candies from my local candy shop, but Sixlets or even icing eyes would work well also.  The nose is the DOTS candy from earlier.   :0)  That’s it! 
Finally, let’s bring in some pumpkins!  I used two different piping tips, just to show you that this design can work whether you are using a giant round tip, or a medium sized tip 12.  (This is an orange crusting buttercream.)
I smoothed down my swirls with a Viva paper towel (optional), and then I created lines with a toothpick.  The stems are a broken chocolate covered pretzel.

I finished with a sprinkling of orange sanding sugar.  (I had to brush on just the teeny tiniest bit of water onto my crusted buttercream so that the sugar would stick.) My leaves are green buttercream piped on with a tip 3.

That’s it!  I hope that one of these spookalicious designs winds up on your party table this Halloween (or make some just for fun!) — If you try it, let me know how it goes!
Now for the group shot—

Thanks for stopping by the blog today–see you next time!


  1. Wow-that plate full of cupcakes is so impressive. Thanks for sharing the how-to!!

  2. Thanks! We are making them this week end, and I will be happy if mine come out half as good :)