Friday, March 11, 2011

Spruce Up Business Card Bundles with Rachael

I know I have mentioned this great etsy group that I am a part of, Stay at Home Moms of Etsy, but today I have a special post inspired by these awesome ladies!

First of all, Nicole at ScissorGoddess on etsy put together this really awesome idea for us all. She divided us into groups of 4 shop owners whose merchandise complimented each others. Then the members of each group mailed the others 15 business cards for their shop. {Stay with me here, lol} After all the trading was done, we each were left with 45 new business cards {3 shops, 15 cards each} to package and send out with our orders... A really fun way to share "hand picked" businesses with our buyers.

I thought it was a brilliant idea. What better marketing is there than word of mouth? Especially coming from someone who has an insight to what you're shopping for! YAY!

However, I did feel a little weird about just tossing the cards in with my shipment... people get confused. haha! So I came up with this little idea to let them know I'm doing something special just for them.

I used my handy-dandy Silhouette machine to make the tags using some leftover paper from our wedding invitations. {Yes, that was awhile ago, but I save everything! You never know when it might come in handy. Case in point. :)} And I used clear labels in Word for the text.

Next time, I would want to print directly onto the tag, but this particular paper doesn't take to printing very well so I opted for the labels. {which I had leftover from my baby shower invitations... my case just keeps getting better for saving everything! haha!}

I uploaded both the file for the labels and the Silhouette working file to Google docs so I could share them with you. It seems that Google docs re-formats things, so you will have to do some tweaking I guess. And, obviously, you would have to change the shop name for your own usage, but at least you have a starting point. :)

Link to Lables in Google Docs
Link to Silhouette file in Google Docs

Here's a quick rundown of how they came together:

Printed labels to the left, and cut pieces above. 
I cut the green about 1/4" larger than the frosted white so it would make a nice border. 

All pieced together!

Assembly line, baby!!

I also cut a couple of little slits in the top and bottom so I could 
thread some ribbon through and tie them all together. No ugly paper clips here!
 More work? Yes. But I feel like presentation is everything. 
How special to get a little ribbon wrapped package inside your box of goodies you ordered?

I hope you all find this helpful, {I know you SAHMs will!} I'm so excited about sending these out!! 



  1. I LOVE them Rachael!- Celesa, Lilly Bunns Boutique

  2. These are so adorable, Rachael! It's an awesome extra touch customers will love!

  3. Awesome! What a great tip to express more of your creative side when it comes to business. ~ Rebecca

  4. Wow Rachel! Those are beautiful! I sure am glad I was partnered with you for the swap :)

  5. I would love finding that little present in an order! Love word of mouth marketing. - Sarah, Pink Paisley Boutique

  6. Haha Kelly!! Can you see your card on top? ;)

  7. Beautiful presentation and a really great idea :)

  8. Gorgeous presentation and thanks for the great idea. I've always hesitated to include other people's business cards in my packages for just the reason you stated.

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  9. Very creative ! i like it you are a great artist .

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