Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treasury Thursdays

You've probably noticed by now, but we will be having "themes" for each day now! Thursdays are set aside just for treasuries! "What the heck is a treasury?" you may ask.  A treasury is a curated list of item put together by the Etsy community.  It's a great way to see several items at a time.  I love to "shop" with treasuries, cause it gives me an opportunity to see coordinating items all together!

I've chosen several of my faves this week made by members of our wonderful SAHM of Etsy team! Please take the time to comment, and click on several of the items!  I just love the colors in these!

Oh My Lemon Pie
Oh My Lemon Pie by Paper and Whimsy

Pretty Princesses Prefer Pink
Pretty Princesses Prefer Pink by Scissor Goddess
My Sweet Blue Baby

My Sweet Blue Baby by Growing Up Wild

Great job on the treasuries ladies!

Celesa- Lilly Bunns Boutique


  1. What beautiful treasuries SAHMs create! I just love all three of these beautiful color palettes! :)

  2. Gorgeous collections! I love looking through the treasuries our moms create!