Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feature Shop: Funny Farm Creations

Happy Wednesday! Today's feature shop is Funny Farm Creations! Meet Julie, a member of our Facebook Team and an active member of the SAHM of Etsy Team. Find out what inspires her and what she loves to shop for on Etsy. Cheers! -Cori of Peace, Baby! Batiks

What is your name?

Where are you located?
Right outside of Galveston, Texas

Tell us a little about yourself.
I've been a SAHM for three years. I have a 7-year-old stepson, 3-year-old daughter, and a 2-year-old son. I'm due in June with another little girl. Before becoming a SAHM, I worked as a mental health therapist treating children and adolescents. My mom bought me my first sewing machine two years ago. I had never sewn a stitch but thought it might be fun to learn to sew a thing or two. :) I became addicted immediately!!! I love creating fun and unique items for children and it's definitely become my "therapy."

Minky Monogram Diaper Cover
What type of merchandise will shoppers find in your shop?
I carry a wide array of items, mainly for children and infants. Diaper cover sets, bath wraps, aprons, dresses, applique shirts, and onesies. 

What inspires you to create?
My own children, mainly. I've found that as my children's needs develop I have new ideas for items I want to add to my shop. The seasons and fun new fabrics also inspire me!! I've become a certified fabric junkie. I love just browsing fabric shops and thinking about all the new items I could make!

Children's A-Line Ruffled Dress
How do you balance mothering and running a small business?
It's HARD. My children and family always come first, so often times the creative ideas in my head don't come to fruition very quickly. It definitely takes patience and a willingness to work into the wee hours of the night to get orders complete, but I have a real passion for it so it doesn't often seem like "work." I think that is the coolest part about it -- I LOVE what I do.

What is your favorite thing to browse Etsy for?
Fabrics, definitely. I've added SO many fabric shops to my favorites lately. I love finding something new and different, something I haven't come across before. I also love some of the handmade jewelry out there. It's gorgeous!

Onesie/Little Legs Set-Blue Plaid Owl
When you're not crafting, what are you doing?
When I do have some free time outside of family and my shop, I love to spend time with friends. I've been fortunate to find a wonderful mom's group in which I've found unbelievable support and encouragement though the last several years.

Onesie/Ruffled Diaper Cover Set
Where can we find you?
My Etsy Shop:

What is your favorite shop (not yours) on Etsy currently?
My favorite shop is Mateo & Tobias ( I LOVE all the wall art and fun plush animals!

Children's Bath Wrap/Cover Up


  1. I love the Onesie/Little Leg set! So precious! And what a great photo!!

  2. How cute! Nice to "meet" you Julie. Lots of Houston area girls in this group, I had no idea! I'm in Spring, your northern neighbor! :)

  3. very cute shop. Nice to get to know you

  4. I have personally had some of Funny Farm Creations clothing in my home and I have to say... Julie knows what she is doing. She's a top quality seamstress and pays a lot of attention to the little details. Her clothes can be handed down from generation to generation. That's how well they are made. I would definitely recommend.. ~ Rebecca S.

  5. Great post! Nice to "meet" you! Everything is so cute!