Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feature Shop: Pam's Baby Bakery

We have several wonderful, active members on our team. This week, I'd like you to meet Pam of Pam's Baby Bakery! Thanks for your hard work on our team, Pam! -Cori of Peace, Baby! Batiks

What is your name?
Pam LaPorte

Where are you located?
Northern Colorado

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a SAHM of 4 (2 boys and 2 girls) under 10. When I am not working on my Etsy shop, I am busy with activities at our church. I have been sewing since I was in grade school. My first sewing project was a gift for my mom. From there I have sewn clothes for myself and my kids and even my husband on occasion. I love crafting and am always looking for new projects and ideas of ways to create.
Taggie Take Along Blanket
What type of merchandise will shoppers find in your shop?
My shop started with hooded towels and diaper cakes. I have been expanding to other items that make life easier or more fun with babies and toddlers including, burp cloths, bibs, and most recently, purses.

How/why did you get started?
I got started on Etsy after a friend of mine suggested it. She loved the towel I gave her as gift and thought others might too.
Little Girl's Purse Blue Sunflowers
How long have you been sewing? What got you into sewing in the first place?
I have been sewing for 20+ years. I started sewing because I wanted to be able to make gifts for my family.

What inspired you to start making diaper cakes?
I started making diaper cakes for a baby shower at my church. After 4 kids I knew there were lots of fun things to give as baby gifts, but the realist in me wanted something that would be used and not just sit on a self or in a closet. I still wanted to it be fun, so diaper cakes seemed like the perfect solution.
Diaper Cake
What inspires you to create?
I am often inspired by things I see or use. Often my inspiration is a product I have and don't like -- my brain says I could make this better by... Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

What is one thing you need to have with you while you craft?
Right now it is my sewing machine and a bottle of glue.

How do you balance mothering and running a small business?
I try and keep the time I work on my business limited to times when my little kids are napping and my older ones are at school and evenings/nights after the kids are all in bed. I also try and keep the weekends free to do family stuff, especially Sundays. When that isn't possible I often end up working with one on my lap and homework happening at the same table stopping mid-seam to answer math questions. :)
Contoured Burp Cloths (Pink)
What is your favorite thing to browse Etsy for?
I love looking at stained glass. I don't know how to make it myself and would love to learn, and it is not practical to keep around my house with my little ones.

When you're not crafting, what are you doing?
Working Bible study, cooking, playing ball with kids, driving carpool... normal mom stuff.
Hooded baby towel in honeysuckle pink for 2011

Where can we find you?
Twitter: @PamsBabyBakery

What is your favorite shop (not yours) on Etsy currently?
WoodNPiece- I love the organic shapes and features of wood.


  1. So fun! I love the diaper cake!! So nice to 'meet' you Pam!

  2. Great interview Pam! I'm so glad we're on the same business card swap team... I just know my shoppers are going to love your stuff! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Pam! You are one busy mama!

    Anne of

  4. Thanks again for sharing your story with us, Pam! I can sooo identify with crafting while the kids sleep -- it's hard, but so worth it! -Cori