Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feature Shop: HoneyBee Holistics

Whether you're looking for soothing scents or an exciting fragrance to pick you up, you're sure to find it in Melissa Carr's wonderful shop, HoneyBee Holistics. Meet this busy mom and soapmaker below! -Cori of Peace, Baby! Batiks

What is your name?
Melissa Carr

Where are you located?
In the mountain valleys of the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a hard-working, out-spoken, first-time Mom who works hard everyday raising my little girl the best way I know how! I love to cook and make almost everything myself. I have strong beliefs in buying organic products and I LOVE chocolate!

Organic Chocolate Lotion

What type of merchandise will shoppers find in your shop?
Organic herbal lotions, soaps, body sprays, household cleaners, and lip balm  -- plus I LOVE custom orders! If you have a special need, convo me and I will formulate something special for you!

How/why did you get started?
I started my business four years ago in anticipation for my dream of being a stay-at-home-mom. I wasn't pregnant at the time, but I knew my husband and I wanted to have children, and I wanted to stay at home with them and raise them. I didn't feel it was right to plan to have a child knowing that they would go off to someone else each day to raise them while I went off to work for someone else. Key word there is PLAN. I am a planner. I understand situations happen in life to others, so I don't judge. I just knew that I was going to plan my route to motherhood out as best as I could. So my business was born when I noticed I couldn't use the traditional soap any longer. I am a "do-it-yourself" kinda gal, so I researched how to make my own products. Then it came to me, I could make this a business at home to be with my baby!! Genius! That is when I made my decision, March 2004.

Organic Orange Vanilla Body Spray and Fabric Refresher

How long have you been crafting?
Ever since I was little. Building things out of sticks, making up goop in the forest and writing it down. I am a true artist. Its the way you express it that shows your talent.

How do you figure out which scents go well together?
They just come to me! Like I have a muse or something! I put a drop combination on a cotton ball to see if they go, and 99% of the time they do!

What is your favorite thing to make?
I love making my soap. It is tedious and long. I test my math skills and ability to imagine. It is therapeudic stirring the soap until it has set. Plus, the next day when you get to cut it.....So exciting! I love surprises!

Organic Lavender Gift Set

How many of your ingredients do you grow or produce yourself?
I wild harvest and grow about 80% of my herbs I use. The rest is organic and local, such as my oils and other rare herbs that I can't grow.

What inspires you to create?
My daughter Aria. I see her interest in what I do, and it gives me drive to keep going. I know that it is all for her benefit that I am able to be at home with her to teach her and be present as she grows. I work hard to make sure that my business is going well so we can afford to continue to have me at home!

What is one thing you need to have with you while you craft?
My water bottle! It is purple and has been used sooo much! I get so thirsty and sometimes get so into what I'm doing that I forget to eat! But I always have my water with me.

Organic Wild Crafted Nettle Herbal Tea

How do you balance mothering and running a small business?
I take it day-to-day. Each day is different with a little one! I get a lot done when she is sleeping in the morning. I find it more refreshing to get up early to work rather than stay up late. Otherwise, she plays well at my feet while I do what I need to do. I make sure to take time out for her throughout the day to play. Plus we are still in diaper world, so there are always pauses for that!

What is your favorite thing to browse Etsy for?
Anything I need at the time. Or possible gifts, planning for future birthdays etc. I love the wooden toys, hair accessories (I have really long hair), candles ... too many to list!

When you're not crafting, what are you doing?
Laundry, baking, cooking, being a Mom! I love it all!!

Organic Coconut Orange Vanilla Lotion

Where can we find you?

What is your favorite shop (not yours) on Etsy currently?
I love this seller's style! I want to get one of her wrap tops so bad!!

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