Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feature Shop: Little Birdie Baby Shop

Each Wednesday here on the blog, we'll introduce you to a different member of the SAHM of Etsy Team. Today, I'd like you to meet Rachael, the woman behind the adorable Little Birdie Baby Shop and the gorgeous design of this blog! -Cheers! Cori of Peace, Baby! Batiks

Rachael and her husband
What is your name?

Where are you located?
I am located in Texas, down in the Houston area

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 29 (no, seriously... I'm not just saying that because I'm 35, haha!), married to the most wonderful man who also happens to be my best friend. We just had our first baby this summer, and she is growing so fast we can hardly keep up with her! I, of course, am a stay-at-home mom working on building my little business and keeping busy with anything crafty I can get my hands on!

What type of merchandise will shoppers find in your shop?
My shop is currently carrying batik-style tye dye onesies for both boys and girls. Each one is hand designed and drawn by me! In the next few weeks I will also be introducing designer burpies, bibs and gift sets!

Green Tye Dye Sea Turtle Onesie

How/why did you get started?
Before my daughter was born, I worked outside of the home, and was what some would call a "workaholic." Most of the time I enjoyed it, because I felt it had a purpose and a direction. Since Baby A came along, things have changed drastically for me. She is the center of the universe and my husband and I really felt it was important that she have as much one-on-one parent time as possible. However, for me, it was a difficult transition going from that much "work" to being at home. I had alot of creative energy I needed to burn through!! That, coupled with the fact that I really wanted an unconventional outfit option for baby clothes, spawned the idea of my onesie designs. Baby A is my biggest inspiration, and her abundance of cuteness keeps me creating every day! :)

How long have you been crafting?
I've been crafting for as long as I can remember. My parents have been picking paint, beads, glue gun goo, paper scraps and straight pins out of their carpet for years. And now my husband does it, haha!

Purple Batik Sunflower Tye Dye Onesie

What inspires you to create?
My daughter first, but I truly draw inspiration from everything around me. I have fallen in love with the Etsy and blogging world because there are always new ideas and inspiration to be found amongst all these amazing artists.

What is one thing you need to have with you while you craft?
Paper towels. No kidding! I am a mess, but I hate it when my work space is messy, so I'm a super nerd who cleans up constantly as I go. ;) That and sound ... sometimes it's baby playing, sometimes it's the news, but most of the time it's whatever music playlist I'm currently addicted to.

Grey and Pink Heart Flower Oneise

What is your favorite thing to browse Etsy for?
Baby stuff!! I don't know what it is about having a baby, but it's like I can't get enough of the baby stuff. Clothes, dress up, room decor, toys ... there are just so many amazing things for baby on Etsy.

When you're not crafting, what are you doing?
Spending time with my family. My hubby has his own business as well, so he's always busy like me. When we get time "off" we always spend it together. :)

Pink Cherry Blossom Tye Dyed Onesie

Where can we find you? (Etsy link, blog, Facebook, Twitter, stores, etc.)
On Etsy:
On my blog:
On Facebook:
At Stoopher & Boots in NYC:
And several online boutiques. :)

What is your favorite shop (not yours) on Etsy currently?
I am really in love with WildMotherArts ( She has beautiful handmade jewelry for women in all walks of life. I have some friends struggling with conceiving, and WildMotherArts has the most beautiful fertility bracelets made from natural gemstones that are perfect for inspiring hope.

Celtic Cross Navy Tye Dye Onesie


  1. great feature and GREAT onsies!!!

  2. You rock Rachael!! Those onesies are AMAZING!!


  3. Thank you guys so much! :) I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team of talented women!! :)

  4. I miss the days of cute onesies on my kids :) Children grow so fast!

    Glad to "meet" you Rachael! Great shop and the blog looks super! Thanks!


  5. Thanks for sharing your story and talents, Rachael. I love your batik -- they're works of art. -Cori (

  6. I think your clothes are so uber adorable. Great feature and artist.


  7. Awesome blog ladies! You have done a terrific job!

    Rachael, can I borrow your "How/Why did you get started"? I seriously could cut and paste that into my feature. That's how much I related to your explanation. :) -Rebecca

  8. LOVE the pink cherry blossom onesie. You're so creative!


  9. Yay Rachael! I can really relate to your story about transitioning from a full time working woman to a full time working mom at home!! Congrats on the feature! Your cherry blossom onesie is super sweet :)
    ~ Emily

  10. Great job, really enjoyed the interview! I'm crazy about the cherry blossom onesie, too. :)
    - Kelly

  11. @Anne- thanks! I'm glad you guys let me help out! :)

    @Cori- thank you so much! That means alot coming from you!! :)

    @Heather, Lora & Kelly- Thank you guys so much! You're totally making my head swell, haha!

    @Rebecca & Emily- Haha! I'm glad you can relate! I think there's quite a few of us transitioning moms out there, it's nice to know I'm not the only one. It's been quite the roller coaster!! :)

  12. It is my pleasure to carry these adorable onesies!
    They are such a hit in the shop

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