Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Easy Christmas Prezels Treats

I think this is a nice little Christmas gift that you can whip up quickly to give to teachers, neighbors, school bus drivers, care givers, etc.     I recently found some fancy treat bags on sale that have a clear window in front that are perfect to put these sweets in for give away.   I love that I only need to buy a few ingredients to make these treats, and it takes little time to do!   Thanks to Katherine from Just A Though Blog for this fun tutorial!

Easy Christmas Pretzel Candy!!

Tomorrow is December 1st! (such a knack I have, for stating the obvious!) We started decking the halls a little early this year, and everything is up except our tree. All the Christmas music and decorations put me in the mood to make these...
Quite a few years ago my sister gave me the recipe for these, and every year we make large quantities of them! There are quite a few variations, but these are the ones we seem to like the best! Just in case you don't have the recipe...
Start with a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
Arrange rows of mini pretzel twists
Top each pretzel with a chocolate disc (I used Merkins melting chocolate discs)
Yum, I love the sweet/salty combo!
Put the tray in a preheated 250 degree oven just until the chocolate disc is soft. I actually left this in longer than I like, they went a bit too sloppy looking. (I blame it on the Carpenter's Christmas Album, I got totally carried away in "Home for the Holidays")
Next you need these: Here in Canada they are Smarties. For those of you in Great Britain, finding Smarties  will be no problem, if you are in the US you can use plain M&M's!
Press one Smartie into the center of each pretzel, and wait for them to firm up completely.
Yesterday was my last day of Tuesday daycare work until the new year. I packaged the pretzels in bags of six, and added a mini candy cane, to give to the sweet ladies I work with.
Later on this month, we will make larger batches for the Fab four to give to friends, and the best husband to give out to his class.
While I was waiting for the pretzels to cool, I was rummaging through Christmas bins and found these little ceramic sleighs that I had purchased a couple of years ago! I tucked the bag inside, and it made an even nicer gift!
This is a very reasonable gift to make (We priced everything out to about .40 cents for a bag of 6 pretzels, including the clear treat bags, Candy canes, and ribbon. I purchased all my supplies from a bulk food store, so it may be more/less depending on where you are able to shop. If you're working on a tight budget, this could help!) and it is a great recipe for kids to do!

Note: Packaging them as soon as they cool is recommended... if not, they disappear fast...They are that good!

Well, have a "sweet" time :) with the pretzels everyone! Happy Holidays! Lang from MegOri Girls Boutique

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