Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - How to Make Gift Boxes

I think this is a perfect tutorial  for this festive season!   Learn how to make gift boxes with Do It Yourself Gifts and wow your friends and family with your creations!  

How to Make Gift Boxes

Why purchase gift boxes when you can make your own? Creating your own paper boxes is so much fun! You get to choose the pattern of the paper, pick the size of your template, and sit down for a little quiet craft time to yourself. The end result? A beautiful work of art that will be remembered way beyond the day that you give the gift. Extra bonus...making your own gift box will cost you much less than a roll of wrapping paper at the store! Unique and cheap...who could ask for anything more?

How to Make Gift Boxes On this page you'll find this gift box packaging:
  • How to Make Origami Box

  • Gift Box Patterns

  • Gift Box Template

How to Make Origami Boxes

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding (from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper"). It refers to all types of paper folding, even those of non-Asian origin. The goal of Origami is to create a given result using geometric folds and crease patterns. Typically, gluing or cutting the paper medium is not preferred with this art, but it can be done and still called "origami." If you want to make these gift boxes in the true origami style, just fold and rip the sheets of paper where I've said to cut them.

Paper Box Patterns

There are a lot of paper box patterns out there, but the one that I've illustrated below is my favorite. It's so quick and simple...once you've done it a few times, you'll be able to make gift boxes really fast. The first time that I did this pattern, it took me awhile--now I can make a whole box in about five minutes!

Template for Paper Folding Box

At first glance, this project may look overwhelming because of all the steps. It really isn't--I'm a very visual person, so I've included a photo for every step, hoping that it will make things easier on you. Follow these directions carefully--exact (or near exact) folding will ensure an even box.
You'll need:
  • Two sheets of paper or cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue (optional)
1. Begin with two sheets of paper--one to make the bottom, and one to make the top. These two sheets must be a square shape (not a rectangle), so cut them down if needed.
You can use paper or cardstock. The thinner the paper, the weaker the box. However, the thicker the paper, the harder it is to fold! I usually use cardstock on the bottom, and paper on the top. The cardstock gives the box stability, but the paper on the top allows me to find fun prints down the scrapbook aisle.

2. Fold square sheet of paper in half, matching one corner with the opposite corner, creating a triangle shape.

Homemade Gift Boxes

3. Open the sheet of paper, and using the same technique, fold the other two opposite corners together.

Gift Boxes

4. Open the paper again, and you should see a big creased "X" across the page. I've put black lines on the paper so that you can see where the creases are at. The intersected point of these two lines is the center of the paper.

Gift Box

5. Fold one corner of the paper up to meet the center line.

Homemade Gift Box

6. Fold the remaining three corners into the center line.

Paper Gift Box

7. Take one edge of the square, and fold it over to meet the center line.

Make Origami Box

8. Fold the opposite side of the paper the same way to create a folded rectangle.

Make Origami Boxes

9. Open the paper...it should have several creases in it, and look like this:

Paper Folded Box

10. Open the paper all the way--you'll have several creases in the inside. Once again, I've traced them in black for you to see. The four squares that I put an "X" through in the center of the paper will become the top (or bottom) of your box.

Paper Gift Box

11. Using your scissors, make four cuts two full boxes up on opposite sides of the paper--up until you reach the edge of the squares with the "X" marked in them. Be sure that you don't cut into the middle area (see photo for direction).

How to Make Paper Box

12. Your left with four "flaps". Fold one of the larger sides up, and push the flaps forward.

Paper Boxes

13. Fold the corner down inside the box to create the side of your box.

Gift Boxes

14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for the opposite side.

Instructions for Gift Box

15. Fold one remaining flap up and over the side of the box to create the third side.

Make Box

16. Repeat step 15 for the last side. Fold creases down firmly around the edges to help it hold its shape. You can put a dot of glue on the inside of the flaps if you choose...but you really don't need it. You may also choose to put felt, or another color piece of paper in the bottom (or the same color if you want to hide the flaps).

How to Make a Box

17. To make the bottom of the box, you'll want to make the square slightly smaller than the top sheet of paper was. To do this, start with the same size sheet of paper that you used for the top. Fold the paper over to match opposite corners as you did in step one.

How to Make a Box

18. Open the sheet of paper, and fold it over to match the opposite corners together...HOWEVER don't match them completely...leave a little space to make up for the size difference in the bottom of the box. I drew a black line around the edges to show you about how much space to leave--it doesn't have to be exact--just eye it.

Folded Paper Box

19. Trim the edge of the paper off that does not match up. This will give you a slightly smaller size square to use for the bottom of the box (so that the lid can fit over the bottom when you put them together).

Gift Boxes

20. Follow steps 1-16 to make the bottom of the box. Soon you'll have a perfect little gift box!

Gift Box

Hope you find this tutorial helpful and fun!  See you next Tuesday! MegOri Girls Boutique

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