Monday, June 6, 2011

Revamping Your Etsy Shop - 2011 Blog Series

This week on ReVAMPing Your Etsy Shop - 2011:

Seasons & Holidays

This week on ReVAMPing Your Etsy Shop, Missie of Sykin & NW Wonders on Etsy is going to share a little something with you about getting your shops prepared for seasons & holidays. 

Seasons & Holidays are big money makers on Etsy because lots more people start shopping during these special times of the year! Don't miss out!

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The ReVAMPing Your Etsy Shop - 2011 Blog Series is a series of weekly blog posts that are devoted to your Etsy shop! It's a 20 part series that covers everything from Etsy shop basics to branding to marketing to social media! Each post is written by a different Etsy seller that contributes their knowledge on a particular topic. It's meant for you to take what you learn back with you to your Etsy shop & apply it there.

If you've missed the other posts in the series & would like to see them, here they are from start to finish!

Activity Stream - Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

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