Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feature Shop: Fruitful Delights

She's a new member of our team, but Heather of Fruitful Delights has jumped right in! Learn more about this busy, jam-making mom, and then take a moment to browse her delicious shop. It always makes me hungry! -Cori of Peace, Baby! Batiks

What is your name?
Heather O'Sullivan

Where are you located?
My husband, two boys, and I live in the beautiful little borough of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.

Tell us a little about yourself. 
I'm a SAHM of two beautiful boys, Connor, who is almost four, and Liam, who is almost two. My husband and I both grew up in New Jersey and moved to Pennsylvania for work, and we absolutely love where we are. We live in a 112-year-old brick Queen Anne Victorian home which we are slowly returning to its beauty when we aren't chasing the kids around, living life, and spending time with our family.

Peach Jam

What do you sell in your Etsy shop? 
I sell homemade jams and spreads ranging from your classics like blackberry and blueberry to some new flavors such as strawberry-lemonade and peach-blueberry.

How long have you been canning and making jams? 
I have been making jam since the summer of 2009, almost three years now.

What or who got you started in your craft? 
My husband got me started in making jam. His family would go blueberry picking on the borders of their property in the Poconos and a few other places and have been making jam for years, and he wanted the two of us to be able to enjoy it too.

Blackberry Jam

Tell us the story behind this item: Apple Conserve with Raisins and Walnuts. What inspired you? How did you choose the fruits and flavors to include? 
The inspiration behind the apple conserve came because I'd already made a ton of apple butter, apple sauce and pies but had quite a few apples left over. I found a recipe in an old handwritten cookbook and thought it sounded different and was amazed at how those three flavors -- apple, walnut and raisin -- worked so well together! It is excellent by itself on toast or as used in place of mint jelly when served with meats. (There's actually a post on my blog about this flavor...)

How did your shop get its name? 
My shops name took me a good three months to decide upon. I was looking for something simple and descriptive of my craft that hadn't already been taken in the Internet world. Fruitful Delights wasn't actually my first, second or third choice. Instead it was a combination of a few other names I had tried, but once I saw it written out on a label for my products I was hooked.

Homemade Jam Wedding/Party Favor

How do you balance mothering and running a small business? 
I have a pretty detailed schedule written down for myself which breaks down my day with my boys. It's how I have figured out (for myself) how to keep my house running and my kids content. My craft makes it pretty easy for me to balance my children and my business. Berry picking is a pretty short season, depending on the berry, and my husband does most of the picking on his way home from work. That leaves me time to take care of my boys, and I will make jam in the evenings after they've gone off to bed. Since it is such a short season, I'm usually actively making jam from May until November. I do freeze berries for jam for the four of us so that way I can put my focus on Fruitful Delights jam first.

What is one piece of advice or a tip you'd give other stay-at-home moms?
As hard as it is, try not to compare yourself or try to be like any other mother. Each one of us has our own way of getting things done, keeping the balance. Some moms, like myself, have to do it all on their own without the help of extended family, which has enough pressure in and of itself. I ask lots of friends how they do it with their kids and over time, I figured out a schedule and routine that worked for my kids. We're each unique as individuals, and it's important to find a routine that works well for you as a family and stick with it.

Do you have a favorite quote or inspirational saying you'd like to share?
"One loses many laughs by not laughing at oneself." Sara Jeannette Duncan

Apple Butter

What do you like to browse for on Etsy? 
When I first joined Etsy, I browsed for earrings. I love earrings but never seem to buy anything for myself. Since I found out we would be welcoming a girl into my husband's family soon, I have been gushing over all of the sweet baby girl items that these amazing people make.

What is your favorite Etsy shop currently?
Little Millie Boutique

Where can we find you?

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