Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: New Uses for Mint Tins

Check out this tutorial from sillygeesedesigns on a fun way to reuse mint tins:

Wonderful uses for mint tins #2

Well I did say some more to come.  This week I scrambled around looking for something my oldest goose could use to put her earrings in during sports.  She is feeling very put upon right now, after the long awaited age, her daddy let her get her ears pierced, and every time she turns around someone is telling she has to remove them.  Sigh... the life of a preteen can be so trying.

So this was my second tin.  I rounded up what I thought I'd use.  I have some minky scraps and said sillygoose keeps trying to steal it so I am using a piece for her.  I cut it to size and to try and center the white diamond between circles in the middle.  I place a piece of glue on the lid to hold it in place.

I cut a scrap a little big for the top.  Then discovered the trick to gluing it down with a hot glue gun.  Go slowing and work a small section at a time, and try to avoid big globs.  This time I since I had an anchor in the middle I still went around the top edge, then around the side edges leaving the corners undone so the stick out kinda funny.  Trim the fabric so that it goes all the way down to the curled up edge of the tin.
This time I left off the ribbon and slit the edges and cut out a notch so that they cover the corner without bunching.

What do you think?  I added a paper also notched at each corner and the sides folding down, this gives her spots to put earings and keep them neat when we travel, also she can just toss her earings under the paper and not have worry about losing them when opening her tin on the sidelines or gym.  As a finishing touch I put a sticker with her name on the back, with hopes it would find its way home should it get misplaced.

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