Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feature Shop: Sweet C's Designs

I love the variety of talents among our team members! The work of this week's feature shop, Sweet C's Designs, adds incredible style to your wedding or home decor. Looking through her shop, I wish I could plan my wedding all over again! Meet Courtney, the creative mom behind it all. - Cori of Peace, Baby! Batiks

What is your name?
Courtney O'Dell

Where are you located?
Just outside of Loveland, Colorado

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a stay at home mom of one, an adorable and feisty little man named Finn. My husband Luke and I have been married since 2009 and I couldn't imagine my life without these two adorable guys in my life! Life with a toddler pretty much revolves around him, but when I am able to get away from my Etsy shop and the house, I love to ski, hike, and visit my favorite place in the world: My parents' condo in Beaver Creek, Colorado. I am spoiled to have a fabulous vacation paradise so close by!

Medium Boo Banner with black bats

What type of merchandise will shoppers find in your shop?
I carry a variety of wedding decorations and favors, hostess gifts, home decor, and farmers market totes!

How/why did you get started? 
After leaving a high profile political career when my son was born, I was looking for an additional enterprise to add to my new home life. I started making burlap bags -- just like my mom made as wedding favors for my wedding -- and decided to put it out there to see if it would sell. Less than 10 months later, and I am over 200 sales!

Large Ring Pillow With Ribbon and Green Hydrangea

How long have you been crafting? Where did you learn your various skills? 
I've been crafting since I was a kid, but I stopped in college. I loved crafting with my mom as a child -- she used to paint high-end children's furniture for a celebrity frequented shop in L.A. She got me into painting and creating!

What is your favorite thing to make?
I absolutely love making ring pillows and burlap flower cones. I love to work with premium faux floral and make simple fabrics elegant!

What are your favorite materials to work with?

Pink Ticking Anchors Away Burlap Farmers Market Tote

What inspires you to create? 
I create for my son, but I take a lot of inspiration from wedding magazines, Pinterest, and my own wedding.

What is one thing you need to have with you while you craft? 
My rotary tool, paint, and my glue gun!

How do you balance mothering and running a small business? 
I live for naptime! I actually have created a playplace in my workshop, so my little guy can always be with me when he is awake.

What is your favorite thing to browse Etsy for? 
Fabric. Hands down, I love to browse fabric.

Burlap Bottle Bags "love"

When you're not crafting, what are you doing? 
Playing with my little man, starting my own photography business at, and designing websites, Etsy banners, and buttons for other Etsy moms!

Where can we find you?

What is your favorite shop (not yours) on Etsy currently?
My darling friend Sarah McKenna runs a fabulous jewelry shop called Bombshell Bling Jewelry. I adore all of her work!

Burlap Bud Vase and Everyday Flower Bouquet

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