Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Bamboo Silk Spring Wreath

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  This is Lang of MegOri Girls Boutique.  I spotted this fantastic tutorial,written by our team member Rachael of The Little Birdie Blog, and have to share it here.     I think the idea of recycling toilet paper rolls to make the flowers is so clever!  Great job, Rachael!

Bamboo Silk Spring Wreath:

I LOVE it! I had been rolling around several ideas in my head about what my spring wreath was going to look like for awhile, but nothing was really calling to me. I'm not a big fan of the egg-inspired style, as I'm not planning on taking this one down for awhile, and also not really a huge fan of silk flowers and greenery etc. just... because. Haha!

So here we have landed on a little more "modern" look to a fresh, bright spring wreath, and I couldn't be happier about it! It makes my front door look so friendly! And guess what? It was super easy to make...

Here's what you need:

Foam wreath form 
{any size will do}
Choice of yarn 
{or even twine!
I used Paton's Silk Bamboo... mostly because I'm in love with bamboo products right now, but also because the texture is oh, so yummy, and the color is perfect for spring. And I had it in my stash, haha!
Glue Gun
Straight Pins 
{preferably with colored heads, as you can see, mine are metallic}

aaaaaaand... the secret ingredient: 

YAY for working with fun, new mediums! Now, let's get started...

First, wrap your foam form completely with your yarn or twine. 
{don't you just love the sheen of the bamboo silk?? yum!}
I cut strips of yarn to make wrapping the form easier. 
Just be sure to wrap it tightly so it stays put, and overlaps the end pieces completely. 

Next, we're going to make the flowers using our TP roll.
Flatten your roll for easier cutting. Cut 12 pieces each about 1/2" wide {keeping the circle intact}. 
I used my crappy scissors since we're cutting cardboard here.

For the large flower, we'll glue 5 flattened circles together using a dot of glue between each.
I used an extra cut circle, rolled very tightly, and wedged in the center to make it look more substantial.

Then take your remaining circles, fold flat in half, and glue together to make the small flowers.
The flatter they are to start with, the easier they are to work with. You can always "fluff" them later.
Put a little dot of glue in the fold to help them hold their "petal" shape.
Put a tiny dot of glue between each folded set to hold it all together.

Now it's time to paint!!
In hindsight, I would not use "Fusion"... takes quite a few coats to work on cardboard.
But... I didn't have any other spray paint that would work, so I made do with what I had.
Antique White Krylon Fusion.

Once your paint is dry, grab your wrapped foam, your straight pins, and get ready for the next step.
Use your pins to attach your flowers to the foam. The longer your pins, the better!
I used the purple metallic straight pins, because hey- I love purple! 
Plus it makes a pretty perfect pairing with the spring-y green of the yarn.
I used 4 for each small flower, and 6 for the large one. 
You could probably get away with only using one per flower, but I wanted a noticeable pop of color.

Once my flowers were in place, I decided I needed more purple. 
{Can you ever really have too much purple?}

So I added some purple satin ribbon that just happened to match my pins almost perfectly!

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